Nicole X Banana OG

  • Our Score 4.6/5

Nicole x Banana OG is an Indica-dominant cross between Nicole and Banana OG as the name suggests.

  • Strength 23%
  • Stone Body Stone
  • Speed 8-10 Weeks
  • Height Tall
  • Yield 450g/m2+
  • Harvest September

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Fruity
  • Compact
  • Great Yields
  • Con's
  • Hard Hitting
  • Munchies
  • Odour Control

Nicole X Banana OG Strain Review

Nicole X Banana OG Strain Review

Nicole X Banana OG is a great strain for indica fans. Nicole is a Colombian strain from a female MK Ultra x Blue Satellite and a male Shishkaberry x Blueberry. Banana OG is a cross between OG Kush and Banana (Kush). This cannabis strain was created to maintain the medical benefits of the parents, while toning down the full-on banana flavour of Banana OG.


Nicole X Banana OG strain

Even though Nicole x Banana OG is close to pure Indica, it has an average of 23% THC. This is enough not only for strong pain relief but also for quite a powerful high. It’s really important to be aware that this is a cannabis strain which generally takes its sweet time to get moving. Also, remember that for all its THC content, Nicole x Banana OG is essentially a modern reworking of an old-school Indica. This means that the high is more of a mellow, happy, buzz than an uplifting energy rush. The high gradually transitions into a deep, full-body stone, which will make you very drowsy, making it the perfect evening strain.

One final point to note is that Nicole X Banana OG is known for its tendency to bring on a major case of the marijuana munchies and since you’re not going to want to get up to find food, it’s a really good idea to have some filling snacks to hand and ideally some water as well.


Both indoor and outdoor growers will be pleased to learn that Nicole x Banana OG is a compact, little marijuana plant which nevertheless produces very respectable yields. Indoors it can stay as short as 1M (without any training) and even outdoors it’s highly unlikely that you’ll see a marijuana plant grow taller than 1.2M. Indoor yields are up to about 450g/m2 for beginners but can go up to 550g/m2 if you can implement a sea of green set-up. Outdoors you’re looking at up to 450g per marijuana plant.


Indoors Nicole x Banana OG will be ready in 9 to 10 weeks total of which 7 to 8 weeks will be flowering time. Outdoors you can expect to collect your harvest around early October, but you might want to be prepared for it to be delayed to mid-October. This means that if you’re growing north of the Mediterranean basin, you might be best to think of Nicole x Banana OG as an “indoor-only” strain as it really needs to be kept warm, dry and well-lit in order to be happy. Other than that, however, this strain is very robust and unfussy, so, while it is a photoperiod strain, it’s still a perfectly reasonable choice for beginners, especially since its compact size makes it easier to space the plants far enough apart to allow for good ventilation (which is key to any successful marijuana grow) and also means that plant training is highly unlikely to be required.


As we mentioned previously (and as you might have guessed from the name), Nicole x Banana OG definitely lays on the banana flavours, but unlike pure Banana OG (which is basically full-on banana and very little in the way of Kush) the banana element is a bit more restrained and balanced with berries, lemon citrus and sweet but robust earthiness courtesy of the Nicole side of the parentage. The aroma reflects the taste perfectly.

Bag Appeal

At this point in time, a large part of the bag appeal of Nicole x Banana OG is its sheer rarity. Even when this wears off, as it surely will, the THC content ensures that there are plenty of glittering white resin crystals to enjoy, set off by moss-green leaves and bright orange hairs. As you would expect from a strain with this much THC, nugs are very dense and sticky so a grinder is a must and the smell when you break them open is just delicious.

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