Northern Lights x Haze

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Northern Lights and Haze are both strains with a loyal fan following for all kinds of reasons. So it was a stroke of genius on the part of Sensi Seeds to cross them and, instead of trying to come up with a creative new name, they just let people know exactly what this new strain was.

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In terms of growing space, growers should think in terms of Haze rather than Northern Lights.  Plants can easily reach 1 metre and sometimes even more.  Assuming you can provide the necessary headroom, this strain is easy to grow, however absolute beginners do need to be aware that plants as tall as this need to be supported and often pruned in some way.  The plus side of the extra height, however, is that it creates more space for buds and this strain is known to be a heavy yielder.  While we’ve been unable to find any specific details on what this actually means, it is known that Northern Lights x Haze is superb for cloning.

At 70% Sativa, Northern Lights x Haze is a strain for people who need some zesty brightness to help deal with life’s darker side.  This strain is suitable for daytime, but users might want to try it out at weekends as it does still have an Indica side, which produces relaxed drowsiness.  In terms of flavour, it is basically earthy, but somewhat pungent and does have a touch of skunk.

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