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orange bud
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Orange Bud has been around since the 1980s and the fact that it is still going strong is a pretty good testimony to its quality. In addition to the original Orange Bud, which, contrary to what you might expect from the name, is believed to be derived from two skunk strains, Skunk #1 often being cited as one of them, there are other derivative strains, which have also been named Orange Bud as well as strains with names which are variations on the theme such as California Orange Bud. It is therefore important to be sure which strain you are buying.

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The original Orange Bud by Dutch Passion is 65% Indica and is designed for indoor growing.  Reports on its yield vary with some growers reporting passable results and others reporting heavy yields.  This may be a reflection on the fact that Orange Bud is known to be super easy to grow and able to survive pretty much the worst beginners can do, but will obviously reward growers who treat it well.

Medically, this strain is light enough to be used for daytime pain relief, as long as users can take a decent break from their activities.  It will also help anyone with issues getting to sleep.  In terms of flavour, the top notes are exactly what you would expect from an orange strain but there are skunk undertones.  Some people find that the smell is a bit too full of orange to begin with, but it does then mellow.

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