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It is known that Papaya is an Indica dominant (80%) with an Afghani Indica heritage. The most common theory is that it is a cross between Ice and Citral, although there are some dissenting opinions out there.

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Whatever its lineage, Papaya is compact, robust and resistant to mould and pests.  It is also relatively quick growing (around 8-9 weeks) and produces respectable yields beginners can expect 350g/sm indoors, more experienced users could feasibly produce 450g/sm or even 500g/sm.  Outdoors, Papaya can yield up to 800g/p although this is very dependent on favourable weather conditions.

In spite of its predominantly Indica genetics, Papaya has a lot of Sativa qualities, due to its high THC level.  This means that it has mood-enhancing qualities and can stimulate creativity.  Nevertheless, this is a strain which is still best kept for night-time use as it also gives that nice, soothing Indica stone which eases even the worst of pains and deals with the most determined insomnia.

With regards to taste, opinion varies on whether Papaya tastes more like its namesake or like mango, but in either case, the top notes are sweet and fruity.  There is, however, plenty of body with earthy and spicy base notes.

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