• Our Score 4.2/5

It is known that Papaya is an Indica dominant (80%) with an Afghani Indica heritage. The most common theory is that it is a cross between Ice and Citral, although there are some dissenting opinions out there.

  • Strength High
  • Stone Euphoric
  • Speed 9-10 Weeks
  • Height Medium
  • Yield 350-450g/m2
  • Harvest October

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Stable
  • Robust
  • High THC
  • Con's
  • Medium Yields
  • Medium Height
  • Odour Control

Papaya Review

Papaya Review

Fruit-flavoured marijuana has long been hugely popular for many years. So it’s understandable that Papaya marijuana seeds are continual top sellers. They have more than just great taste to recommend them. They also have compelling medical benefits and robust genetics.


Papaya marijuana plant

Even though Papaya is 80% Indica, it has a potent 20% to 25% THC content along with up to 0.05% CBD. This means that it can deliver very meaningful and very fast-acting pain relief, along with quite a powerful high. In other words, if you’re looking for a strain with medical benefits, great taste and robust genetics, then Papaya is an excellent buy.

The initial high transitions into a moderately deep stone. Although, it’s not so deep that it makes it totally impractical to use in the day time. It does, however, drain the energy of the high leaving you relaxed and comfortable. It has mood-enhancing qualities and can stimulate creativity.  Nevertheless, this is a strain which is still best kept for night-time use as it also gives that nice, soothing Indica stone which eases even the worst of pains and deals with the most determined insomnia.


Indoor growers can expect up to 450g/m2 and outdoor growers could collect up to 750g of bud from a Papaya marijuana plant. Indoor growers can increase their yields by using sea-of-green or screen-of-screen set-ups, to which Papaya adapts very well. It is also quite happy in a hydroponics set-up, which can increase yield or reduce growing time.


Papaya cannabis

Papaya can be grown indoors or outdoors. Indoors it will need 8 to 9 weeks of flowering. Outdoors you will be collecting your harvest around the end of September. Papaya grows into compact, bushy marijuana plant. You can expect an indoor minimum height of about 1M and an outdoor maximum height of about 1.8M.

The landrace genetics in this strain allows the plant to have good resistance to mould, diseases and pests. However, it does not at all like the cold or the wet. This means that realistically you will only be able to grow Papaya outdoors if you live in a warm, dry, sunny climate like the Mediterranean. If you live further towards the north of continental Europe, then you should be fine growing Papaya outdoors if you can find it a sheltered spot. Where it can get maximum sunshine and minimal rain. Outside of these areas, however, then you should assume you’ll need to grow Papaya in a greenhouse, or indoors.

We’ve classed Papaya as a moderately difficult grow as it’s a photoperiod strain. This means that unless you’re lucky enough to be able to grow it outside, you’ll need to manage light cycles. Other than that, Papaya is a fairly straightforward strain to grow. The fact that it is so compact compared to Sativas and robust, means that it has a lot to offer people that have limited growing space and/or time. Overall, if you’re comfortable with light cycles and understand your marijuana basics then you should be fine with it. Just remember that it does develop quite a powerful odour later on in flowering, so air filters are essential.


Opinion varies on how much of the taste of Papaya is papaya. Some people think it tastes a bit more like mango. While others think it’s more like a tropical fruit salad than one specific fruit. In any case, it has a dash of fresh citrus and a sprinkling of herbs and spicy pepper. The aroma is likewise sweet and fruity, but is balanced with earthiness and pungency

Bag Appeal

The bag appeal of Papaya is probably more about the smell than about the look. It’s still easy on the eye with forest-green leaves, orange hairs and of course, plenty of trichomes.

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