Pink Kush

  • Our Score 4.6/5

Pure Indica Pink Kush is believed to be descended from the legendary OG Kush.  It is packed with both THC and CBD as well as having all that famous Kush taste. 

  • Strength 19-26%
  • Stone Happy, motivational high
  • Speed 8-9 Weeks
  • Height Medium
  • Yield 700/m2+
  • Harvest October

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Classic Kush genetics
  • Very compact
  • Nice balance of THC and CBD
  • Con's
  • Very bushy
  • Broad leaves can make it hard for branches to get light
  • Good odour control is essential

Pink Kush Review

Glookies Review


Pink Kush generally has between 19% and 26% THC and 0.3% CBD.  The exact level of THC will depend on the growing conditions.  In particular, it will depend on how long the buds are left to mature.  Even 19% THC is enough to provide fast pain relief for a variety of conditions.  It will also produce a very happy, inspirational and motivational high.  At peak strength, Pink Kush is a top class medical strain.  When the head high eases, the CBD will begin to make itself felt.  The body stone is moderately deep.  You may not be actually couchlocked but you will definitely not want to get up.  You certainly won’t want to go and rustle up some food.  It’s therefore a good idea to have some snacks and water to hand.  With this much THC, you’re sure to get the marijuana munchies.  The body buzz can take some time to wear off.  It’s therefore important to allow yourself plenty of recovering time.  In particular, you want to make sure you’re completely refocused before doing anything complicated, like driving.  Alternatively, just keep this strain for night-time use.


This strain has an indoor yield of up to 700g/m2.  The outdoor yield is up to 700g per plant.  As you would expect from a Kush, this strain will thrive in any common growing media.  It’s also very reasonable about its need for water and nutrients.


Pink Kush has an indoor flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks.  The outdoor harvest period is early to mid-October.  Either way, plants will have a growing range of about 1M to 1.2M.  This strain grows in the classic “bushy” style of Indicas.  As a result, you will need to allow your plants room to spread outwards as they grow.   

Overall this strain is very beginner-friendly.  It has good resistance to diseases and pests.  It’s also capable of standing up to a bit of rough handling.  Basically, you’re unlikely to “kill it with kindness” or with a bit of neglect.  There are, however, some points you do need to remember. 

Firstly, Kush strains tend to have very dense buds.  If these buds get at all wet, they take a long time to dry out.  While they are drying, they are vulnerable to mould.  The way to avoid this problem is to space out your plants property.  This promotes good air flow, which keeps your plants nice and dry.  Outdoors, you will also want to choose your growing site with care.  Basically, you want to keep your plants out of the rain if at all possible.

Secondly, Kush strains also tend to have very broad leaves.  This can make it difficult for the light to reach all the buds.  If you’re going for maximum yield, then you are probably going to need to train your plants.  There is plenty of online guidance to help with this.  Alternatively, you can just accept the fact that your harvest will be reduced.  It will still be pretty decent.  

Thirdly, Pink Kush really does “smell like Kush”.  Indoors, it’s highly recommended to use good air filters.  Outdoors, you need to site your plants with care.  Basically, be considerate towards your neighbours.

As a final point, this strain is only really happy outdoors if it’s in a warm, dry and sunny climate.  Outside of the Mediterranean basin, it is probably going to need some kind of protection.  A wall may be fine in central Europe.  Further north, however, you may want to look at a greenhouse.  Once you reach the UK and beyond, you probably want to keep this strain for indoors.


The taste and aroma of Pink Kush is generally described as vanilla.  More specifically, the base is a blend of diesel and earth.  This is topped by rich, sweet, cream.  Basically, it’s a lot like a great vanilla custard.  Although the flavour of Pink Kush is beautifully smooth, the smoke can be rather harsh.  If you have a delicate throat, you may find that it makes you cough.  Using a vaporizer is one solution to this.  Cannabis concentrates are another possibility.  Kush strains are famous for their resin.  That’s why they’re so often used to make hash.  You could also use Pink Kush in cannabis edibles.

Bag Appeal 

As its name suggests, Pink Kush is a very pretty strain.  Its leaves are a mixture of green, purple and pink.  There is also a generous sprinkling of bright orange hairs.  The buds are dense and glisten with sticky trichomes.  Using a grinder is definitely recommended.  In fact, sometimes it’s a must.  Grind slowly.  That way you’ll be able to breathe in the Kush as you work.

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