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Pure Power Plant is a big and bold Sativa dominant (60%) hybrid. While Nirvana Seeds is coy about its exact lineage, saying only that it was created from a “South African sativa and a chunky US Indica”, it’s highly likely that the South African Sativa was Durban Poison, while the US Indica is widely believed to have been either Skunk #1 or White Widow. The former is suggested by the flavour and the latter by the covering of resin crystals.

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Whatever its parentage, this strain is known for being easy to grow.  Although it is slightly Sativa dominant, the fact that it is 40% Indica keeps its height in check.  Novice growers and experts alike will love the fact that this strain demands very little in the way of care and attention and will still produce abundant yields of high-quality weed.  Those who make a bit of effort can expect to achieve anything up to 500g/sm.  Indoors the flowering period is 8-10 weeks.  Growers in warmer climates can try growing outdoors but this is a bit more of a gamble.

Medical users should note that although Pure Power Plant does produce the emotional lift associated with Sativas, the Indica element keeps the user very relaxed so it’s questionable as to whether this variety is really suitable for daytime use.  In terms of flavour, it has top notes of citrus, pine and flowers, but there is plenty of body with pungent, skunk-like base notes.

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