Quick Kush

  • Our Score 4.2/5
Quick Kush marijuana seeds by Dianfem

Quick Kush from Dinafem is a cross of the original OG Kush with OG Kush Auto, it takes everything you loved about this classic strain – and makes it even quicker.

  • Strength High
  • Stone Mellow
  • Speed 49-56 Days
  • Height 100-150cm
  • Yield 500g/m2
  • Harvest September

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Super Quick
  • Great Yields
  • Original Kush Flavour
  • Con's
  • Tall
  • Greedy
  • Odour Control

Quick Kush Review

Quick Kush Review


Quick Kush cannabis

Quick Kush is very definitely an Indica dominant (75/25), it still offers 18% to 25% THC. More than enough to provide fast and effective pain relief for a wide range of medical conditions. It’s also enough to pull you out of some very negative emotional places. At the same time, however, the Indica genetics help to keep it all mellow and calm. Rather than buzzing with energy. You’ll certainly feel the positivity and creativity. But instead of feeling the sort of caffeinated head rush you get from Sativas, you’ll feel happily relaxed. After the initial head buzz has ebbed away, you’ll drift smoothly into the warmth and coziness of an Indica body stone. With an average of 0.1% CBD, Quick Kush is soothing without being overpowering.


True autoflowering strains often produce rather smaller yields than their photoperiod counterparts, but Quick Kush still offers the prospect of up to 500g/m2 indoors. Or up to 1Kg per plant outdoors. If this sounds like a significant difference, the reason is that Quick Kush has a growing range of about 1 metre to about 3 metres. Indoors it will tend to grow at the lower end of this range, with about 1 metre to 1.5 metres in height. If there’s space outdoors, it will happily stretch all the way up to 3 metres, hence it has physical space for a lot of bud.


Quick Kush marijuana seeds

The “quick” in Quick Kush means that instead of the 8 to 9 weeks of flowering you’d need for traditional OG Kush, you’re looking at 7 to 8 weeks of flowering time. If you really can’t wait, you can usually trim another week off this by growing in a hydroponics set up. Alternatively, if you’re growing outdoors then you’ll be collecting your harvest around the latter part of September, rather than in the early part of October. In some climates, that can make a significant difference.

Outdoor growers should note that this strain really does best in a warm, dry and sunny climate such as the Mediterranean basin. If you’re in the more northern part of Europe and you want to grow outdoors, then you really want to make sure that you site your plants somewhere they’ll have shelter from the occasional cold days and heavy downpours. You’ll also want to ensure that you think about prevailing winds, at least during the latter part of the flowering period. As this strain also has the traditional OG Kush scent.

Not only does this strain have great resistance to mould, diseases and pests, it also has a very moderate appetite. In fact, possibly your biggest challenge with this strain is to avoid the temptation to overfeed it. Particularly during the stretch period when these plants can really grow. We’d certainly put this strain down as very beginner-friendly. We’d also rate it as a great choice for anyone who’s just short on time and/or energy and so wants maximum return for minimal effort.


The good news here is that Quick Kush tastes identical to OG Kush. It has the same base of earthiness and oil, the same sweet wood body and the same top notes of lemon and pine. It also has the same aroma, with earthy pungency balanced by sweet herbs and spices.

Bag Appeal

Quick Kush looks just like the original OG Kush, in that it has bright green buds with vivid orange hairs and lots of gleaming white trichomes.

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