Raspberry Cough

  • Our Score 4.0/5

This strain comes from the hybrid Ice strain but its effects are far more like the sativa Cambodian strain that Ice was crossed with. While the scent is very sweet and fruity, the taste is so earthy it’s almost grassy.

  • Strength Up to 24%
  • Stone Uplifting
  • Speed 9-11 Weeks
  • Height Medium/Tall
  • Yield 450g/m2
  • Harvest October

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Uplifting
  • Potent
  • High Yields
  • Con's
  • Harsh
  • Longer Flower Time
  • Tall

Raspberry Cough Review

Raspberry Cough Review

A juxtaposing name if ever there was one, the star strain by Nirvana Seeds known as Raspberry Cough promises sweet flavour and lung-rattling power in equal measure. Whether it lives up to its name is something that will be expanded on below, but it is clear from its genetic lineage that Nirvana Seeds were planning something big when developing this strain.

Raspberry Cough was created by crossing a powerful indigenous Cambodian strain with Ice, which is itself a hybrid of Northern Lights and an Afghani indica. This gives Raspberry Cough the kind of heritage that puts lesser strains to shame, offering the kind of quality smoking experience that exceeds expectations with ease.


Nirvana Raspberry Cough marijuana seeds

There are few things finer than a great sativa high and Raspberry Cough offers this in abundance. With a genetic makeup that grants the strain a 70% sativa and 30% indica ratio, Raspberry Cough offers a clear-headed and uplifting high that all but guarantees a good start to the day or a fine evening.
With a THC content that can be as moderate as 18% or as strong as 24% (depending on growing conditions), the strain can push your day along smoothly or send you into the stratosphere. We advise you take care when toking on Raspberry Cough, as those innocent last few drags can easily lift you off the ground if caught unprepared. This is unlikely to be an issue, however, as most plants will produce bud in the medium to fairly-high strength range, leaving you to enjoy the stellar high Raspberry Cough has to offer.

The sublime effects of Raspberry Cough are far from the foggy immobilising haze found in certain other strains. Certainly, while there is a time and place for a good indica stone, Raspberry Cough is not shy about taking you in the opposite direction.

Those lacking in patience will not be disappointed, as the strain begins with a near-instant cerebral high that will see you motivated and focused. It is this quality that makes it a popular smoke of choice in the morning to see you through those long early hours while boosting your productivity.

This is accompanied by an uplift in your mood and a sudden inability to feel stressed about anything whatsoever, both of which contribute to a rich sense of relaxation. Especially useful is that all these effects do not compromise your ability to function, giving you all the benefits with few to no downsides.
This energising wonder-strain also has certain medicinal applications, often being used to help with muscular pains, fatigue, depression, and anxiety. All these and more can be treated, completely free of the couchlock that prevents many other strains from being both functional and medicinally useful.


Raspberry Cough is no miser when it comes to its yields, offering healthy sized harvests that in good conditions run at 400-500g per m2.


Nirvana Raspberry Cough marijuana seeds

Raspberry Cough does not make you work too hard for her fantastic bounty, offering a fairly easy growing experience that even beginners are likely to manage without difficulty. It can grow both indoors and outdoors, with some growers reporting greater yields from their outdoor plants.

Indoors you will find Raspberry Cough flowering around 9-11 weeks after planting, growing to a towering 10ft tall but barely branching at all. This means that multiple plants can be grown close to one another should you wish. The strain will thrive in a Sea of Green (SoG), hydro or soil setup, with a pungency that you may need to keep in check.

Growing Raspberry Cough outdoors presents a new set of challenges due to its height and demand for a warm climate. Outdoors growers will need to provide the plant with a Mediterranean-style environment to grow optimally, and also ensure that it does not attract unwanted attention as it begins its swift journey upwards. Those who are able to sidestep these potential difficulties will see Raspberry Cough do just fine in the outdoors and will have their harvest ready in late October. Outdoor growers may even see their plant take on those appealing blue and purple shades if exposed to the cooler night time temperatures.


Nirvana Raspberry Cough marijuana seeds

Raspberry Cough can’t be accused of false advertising in the taste department, with the strain exhibiting a strong and sweet berry-like fruitiness. This is joined by a real mix of disparate and enticing flavours such as earthiness, nuttiness, herbs, spice, and even mint.

Bag Appeal

Being a strain with such a curiously mixed taste profile it is fortunate that it possesses a scent that is equally as intriguing. While more refined noses will be able to identify the same notes in the scent as in the taste, most will simply appreciate the sweet and skunky odour that Raspberry Cough emits.
The buds are small and pebble-shaped, coloured bright green with speckles of orange hair that decorate the surface. These are joined by a layer of sandy-shaded trichomes that finish the strain’s visual presentation off nicely.

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