Red Dwarf Auto

  • Our Score 4/5
red dwarf auto

Red Dwarf Auto is a White Dwarf Auto X Skunk cross and is a compact, speed, beginner-friendly strain with reasonable yields and solid medical benefits.

  • Strength 15%
  • Stone Body Stone
  • Speed 8-9 Weeks
  • Height Small
  • Yield 450g/m2+
  • Harvest September

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Large Yields
  • Classic Skunk
  • Short
  • Con's
  • Body Stone
  • Medium THC levels
  • Odour Control

Red Dwarf Auto Strain Review

Red Dwarf Auto Strain Review


Although there are now autoflowering strains with more THC than some old-school Indicas, Red Dwarf Auto is not one of them. In fact it has a modest 10% to 15% THC.  This is similar to what would have been expected of a decent Indica not so very long ago and it is ample for a wide range of mild-to-moderate conditions, both physical and mental.  It won’t deliver a strong high, but it will deliver a mellow but happy mental buzz. Followed by a light, but very relaxing and comfortable, full body-stone.  This makes Red Dwarf Auto a nicely flexible strain which can be used during the day or in the evening.


As you might have guessed from the name (and parentage) Red Dwarf Auto is utterly tiny by the standards of the average marijuana plant.  Indoors it can stay as short as 40cm. Outdoors it’s highly unlikely that you’ll see a marijuana plant grow taller than about 60cm.  Smaller plants do tend to mean smaller yields. But all the same indoor growers can still reasonably expect to collect up to 460g/m2 and outdoor growers up to 80g per marijuana plant.


One of the big advantages of compact strains is that they tend to be very speedy. Red Dwarf Auto takes about 9 weeks from seed to bud, regardless of whether you grow indoors or outdoors. Although outdoor growers will still need to ensure that they plant their seeds at a time when they will get the warm, dry, sunny weather they need. Quick-growing plants not only let you start enjoying your bud more quickly, but you are more likely to collect your harvest successfully. Basically the less time plants spend in the ground, the less time they have to be attacked bymould, diseases and pests.  As an added bonus, Red Dwarf Auto is essentially a Skunk, albeit a very small one, and like most Skunks it has very robust genetics and would be a great choice for a beginner’s first grow as it is not only autoflowering but also very forgiving of common mistakes. In simple terms, as long as you pay attention to your marijuana basics, you should be able to collect a decent harvest from this strain.  The one mistake which could derail your harvest, indeed destroy your entire crop, is letting the small size of these plants tempt you into overfilling your growing space to the point where air flow is compromised.  That is just asking for trouble whatever strain you grow.  Speaking of asking for trouble, these tiny plants can put out a pretty huge level of odour, especially towards the latter end of the flowering period, so effective odour control is a must if you want to stay on civil terms with your neighbours.


In terms of taste and aroma, Red Dwarf Auto is basically an old-school, classic Skunk. Not one of the modern “fruit-and-Skunk” strains, plain, old-fashioned Skunk and perhaps stronger than you’d expect given its physical size. The scent can hang around for quite some time afterwards, so please be considerate when deciding where and when to do your smoking.  It’s also worth noting that, as with many Skunk strains, the smoke tends to be on the rougher side. So if you have a particularly sensitive throat you may want to use a vaporizer.

Bag Appeal

What Red Dwarf Auto lacks in resin crystals it makes up for in bright, red hairs. While the nugs are fairly dense, the moderate THC content means that you probably could break them open with your fingers if you really wanted to. In either case, you get the glorious smell of Skunk to enjoy.

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