Shiva Skunk

  • Our Score 4.6/5

If you’re a fan of skunk, you may well believe the world can never have too many skunk strains, especially when the best of them are as good as Shiva Skunk.

  • Strength 13-20%
  • Stone Mellow
  • Speed 8-10 Weeks
  • Height 100-140cm
  • Yield 450g/m2
  • Harvest September

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Short
  • Robust
  • Great Yields
  • Con's
  • Only grows outdoors in warm climates
  • Munchies Effect
  • Odour Control

Shiva Skunk Review

Shiva Skunk Review

Shiva Skunk offers solid medical benefits and robust genetics so it’s easy to see why it’s a best seller.


Shiva Skunk marijuana seeds

Shiva Skunk has a THC level of between 13% to 20%, depending partly on the pheno of Shiva Skunk and partly on how long you allow the resulting plants to mature.

As Shiva Skunk contains about 85% Indica genetics the high is more super-chilled, mellow bliss. Unlike most sativa highs. It also means that after your initial high, you transition smoothly into a warm, comfortable relaxing stone. Overall, Shiva Skunk tends to be recommended to people looking for a night time strain. If you do find yourself using Shiva Skunk in the day time, be sure to allow yourself plenty of recovery time.


Shiva Skunk produces very reasonable yields, especially considering its short stature and speedy growing time. Indoors you can expect up to 450g/m2. Outdoors you could collect up to 450g of bud from each of your Shiva Skunk marijuana plants.


Shiva Skunk marijuana seeds

Indoors Shiva Skunk will need about 7 weeks of flowering time. Outdoors it will be ready around the end of October. Shiva Skunk prefers life in the warm and dry, therefore people who live in the Mediterranean basin are likely to be able to grow this strain outdoors. Growers towards the northern end of continental Europe might be able to use greenhouses to make the most of the available sunlight. But even they will probably need to supplement the sunlight with grow lights as autumn progresses.

There is good news for growers in the north of Europe, which is that Shiva Skunk tends to grow to an average height of about 1.2 metres indoors. It can get a bit taller outdoors, but it’s certainly unlikely to get anywhere close to 2M. This means that unless your growing space is small, you probably won’t need to do any plant training. Unless you really want to and doing so can noticeably improve your yields. At a very basic level, you can simply trim away the leaves to allow your plants to make better use of the available light. If you really want to bump up your yields, however, then sea-of-green or screen-of-green is the way to go.

For the maximum possible harvests, you will need to look at a hydroponics set up. But we suspect this is likely to be a step too far for most people, who will probably be perfectly happy with the crop they achieve by growing Shiva Skunk in soil.

We’ve rated Shiva Skunk as a medium-difficult grow mostly because it’s a photoperiod strain. Also, partly because odour control is super-important when you’re growing a strain as pungent as this. If you’re fine with managing light cycles and air filters, then Shiva Skunk is a very straightforward grow. Since it’s packed with robust, landrace genetics. As is usually the case, the most important point is to ensure good ventilation.


Shiva Skunk is a skunk strain, but it’s not total skunk. In fact, it’s actually much more interesting. The skunk pungency is balanced by the sweetness of wood on the baseline and berry towards the top. There’s also a refreshing blast of menthol to keep it all crisp and clean. The aroma leans very definitely towards the skunk side and is earthier than woody. You can still pick up on the berry sweetness, but the menthol is less evident.

Bag Appeal

Shiva Skunk does look rather nice in the bag, with its bright green chunky nugs, cheerful orange hairs and dusting of frosty trichomes. But with any skunk strain, the real joy comes when you open the bag and breathe in all that lovely skunk aroma. Even more so when you start breaking open those dense nugs and the aroma really starts to flood out.

User Rating And Review

  1. Pharmacycenter
    September 4, 2018 8:54 am

    This strain is one of the best I've grown. I've been growing marijuana for 8 years now and ordered 10 shiva skunks , all of them finished within 5 month outdoors, on sept 20. The buds looked HUGE, a fruity strong smell as soon as you approach the garden. Some specimen achieved a height of 40 cm. Strong high, dense and colorful buds. If you want private stash, you surely have to try those thank you again sensi seed for another amazing strain, one of the bests on the internet (: thank you, thank you, thank you.

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