Snow White

Snow White
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Snow White may indeed be the fairest of the White Widow’s children, Her father is believed to be a North American Indica. It’s entirely possible that she’s a close relative of White Rhino, but although she’s still an Indica dominant (65%), she has more of the Sativa about her, which influences both her looks and her effect.

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One comment you’ll hear again and again from growers is that Snow White really does look beautiful all the way through the growing cycle and never more so than when she is covered with the thick, white, resinous buds for which this strain is famous.  Beginners can reasonably expect 350g/sm indoors, more experienced growers who can use sea-of-green growing could feasibly get up to 450g/sm.  In theory Snow White can grow outdoors, if you’re in a warm and gentle climate but this is more risky and yields are variable.

Snow White has a well-earned reputation of being one of the best medical strains around.  In particular, she’s a strain which can stimulate appetite so that people eat even when they previously thought they couldn’t face food.  Because of this, people using it for other purposes such as sleep issues or for pain relief, might do well to have some nutritious and low-calorie snacks on hand.  In terms of taste, Snow White has sweet top notes, but an earthy body with a touch of skunk.

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