Space Grape

  • Our Score 4.4/5
space grape marijuana seeds

Space Grape is truly a strain that is out of this world! This one calls all fruit lovers, as it gives off the a delicious aroma of fruit, with grape being strongly in the mix, and this comes through in the taste as well. Space Grape is a great smoke to share with friends and will leave you uplifted.

  • Strength 15-18%
  • Stone Uplifting
  • Speed 60-70 Days
  • Height Medium
  • Yield 400g/m2
  • Harvest September

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Potent
  • Delicious Taste & aroma
  • Uplifting
  • Con's
  • Medium Yields
  • Reasonably Tall
  • Moderate To Grow

Space Grape Review

Space Grape Review

This nicely-balanced hybrid tastes like it could be one of your five a day. Sadly it probably doesn’t count towards hitting your fruit and vegetable target, but it can certainly count towards relieving your pain.


Space Grape marijuana seeds

Ultra Genetics has yet to release data for Space Grape, however, it is known to be a cross between Nebula (about 14% THC) and Grapefruit (about 20% THC) so we’d expect Space Grape to have about 17% THC. This tallies with its effects. Interestingly, even though Space Grape is about 50/50 Indica and Sativa, it behaves very much like a Sativa, with a clear, refreshing head high and nothing much in the way of a body stone. Ideal as a daytime strain, although that may in part be due to its citrus taste.


Again, Ultra Genetics has not released yield data for this strain, but both Nebula and Grapefruit were known for producing good yields, so we’d suspect about 500g/m2 would be a realistic expectation. Space Grape will grow happily both indoors and outdoors although in the latter case you’ll have to think particularly carefully about odour control. From a grower’s perspective, one of the benefits of this strain is that it has the Indica structure (the classic Christmas tree shape), but has the sort of slim leaves you’d expect from a Sativa, which is good news from the perspective of maintaining good air flow. Generally speaking, Space Grape will be happy to stay at a fairly modest height (about 1 metre to 1.5 metres), although if you grow it outdoors and give it a long vegging time, you may find it turning into a monster, so keep this in mind when you make your growing plans.


Space Grape marijuana seeds

Indoors, Space Grape will be ready in 9 to 10 weeks, so end September/start of October for outdoor growers. Growers towards the north of Europe could feasibly grow this strain under glass, but remember it is a photoperiod strain, so you will need to be able to black out the ambient light during the periods of darkness.


As you’ve probably worked out by this point, the “Grape” part of the name refers to grapefruit rather than standard grapes, however the addition of Nebula sweetens the taste, so think of grapefruit with sugar on top rather than plain grapefruit. Lovers of citrus flavour will be relieved to know, that this just takes the edge off the sourness, rather than making it candy sweet. The smoke is beautifully smooth, so is unlikely to irritate delicate throats.

Bag Appeal

Space Grape marijuana seeds

If the name Space Grape left you expecting a plant utterly covered in glowing orange pistils, then we’re afraid you’re in for a disappointment. Frankly there’s nothing particularly special about the appearance of Space Grape. The scent, however, is another matter. It is about as fruity as you can possibly get (or even possibly imagine).

Anyone who likes flavours which are citrus without being overly sour is probably going to love Space Grape. It really is one of the fruitiest marijuana strains around and the smell is just delicious. We’d also say it was about as beginner friendly as you could reasonably expect from any non-feminized, photoperiod strain. In other words, you are going to have to handle sexing your plants and managing light cycles, although there is plenty of help on the net on both topics, but otherwise, Space Grape is a perfectly straightforward strain to grow. Just remember the importance of good odour control, which can be managed indoors with air filters and outdoors by thinking about the prevailing winds.

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