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Stardawg Marijuana strain

Over recent years, we’ve seen all kinds of interesting developments in the area of medical cannabis.   For example, we’ve seen high-THC Indicas and high CBD Sativas and autoflowering strains getting better and better all the time.  Stardawg from MSNL is another great modern development. A cross between much-loved Chemdawg and Tres Dawg, it’s essentially an old-school Sativa but shrunk down to a more compact size.

  • Strength Medium
  • Stone Cerebral High
  • Speed 7-8 Weeks
  • Height Medium
  • Yield 500gr/m²
  • Harvest Late September

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Quick grow time
  • Sativa Dominant
  • Good Medicinal Qualities
  • Con's
  • Bushier Then Many Sativas
  • Odour Control


Stardawg Review


On average, you can expect Stardawg to have 18% to 22% THC although experienced medical cannabis growers may be able to push this up a notch if they so choose.

Although this strain is very much Sativa dominant, it does have a touch of Indica genetics through the Tres Dawg side and so you do get a light touch of CBD. What this means in practice is that the main effect of Stardawg is classic Sativa, which is to say euphoric, creative and energetic.  After the initial head rush, however, you will experience a light and relaxing body buzz. This is nowhere remotely close to a deep stone, more like rounding out the high into a feeling of comfortable mellowness before you either move into full wakefulness or allow yourself to drift off to sleep.


Indoors you can expect Stardawg to develop into a medium-height marijuana plant with a growing range of about 1.5M to 2M and to yield up to 500g/m2.  Outdoors, this strain will happily grow a bit taller if there is space and growing conditions are good and, obviously, the bigger you can let each marijuana plant grow, the more bud you can expect to collect.  As a rule of thumb, around 500g per marijuana plant would be a reasonable expectation.

The good news for indoor growers is that this strain is an excellent candidate for plant training, so you can keep its height down even further if you need to. Just remember that the Indica genetics in this strain’s background means that it will be slightly bushier than you’d expect from a pure Sativa, which means you’re going to need to allow a bit of space for it to grow outwards as well as upwards. Even though these certainly aren’t the bushiest of plants, it’s still important to ensure that none of your individual plants touch each other not only to keep the air flowing but to make it harder for a single plant to infect the whole grow room if you do happen to run into trouble.


Another plus about Stardawg (as compared to traditional Sativas) is that it is pretty speedy.  Indoors it only needs 7 to 8 weeks of flowering time and outdoors it will be ready for harvest around the end of September.  The obvious benefit of this shorter growing time is that it means that this strain can feasibly be grown outdoors somewhat further north than the average Sativa dominant.

In fact, even when you reach the part of Europe where the weather can start to get dicey in early/mid September, you would still have the option of a greenhouse grow, which would save you having to use grow lights (and, of course, the fact that this strain is relatively compact would be very advantageous in this situation).  The less-obvious benefit is that it reduces the risks of the grow. The less time there is between planting and harvest, the less time there is for those lovely buds to be damaged by the weather or other hazards such as mould, diseases and pests. As an added bonus, Stardawg is pretty resilient so as long as you ensure good ventilation, you have very good odds of bringing in your harvest successfully.


In terms of taste, Stardawg is essentially identical to Chemdawg.  If you’ve never tried Chemdawg, that means your first impression is of zingy citrus and fresh pine.  These flavours then give way to a robust base of diesel and skunk, with a touch of hashiness from the Afghani genetics.  The aroma is very much dominated by pine, but you can still pick up on the other notes if you focus.

Bag Appeal

Stardawg has mid-green leaves and a sprinkling of orange hairs.  Its THC content means it has far more than a sprinkling of frosty, white trichomes, for that touch of sparkle.  All that resin means that nugs are very dense, forget about using your fingers and invest in a proper grinder. Once you do get them open, you can enjoy breathing in all that gorgeous aroma.

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