THC Bomb

  • Our Score 5.0/5

THC Bomb was created to give users a maximum amount of THC and it doesn’t disappoint. With levels of 20% and sometimes even more, this is a go-to strain for users that want the full psychoactive effects.

  • Strength 20-25%
  • Stone Buzz
  • Speed 7-9 Weeks
  • Height 65-90cm
  • Yield 550-650g/m2
  • Harvest Sept/Oct

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Potent
  • High Yield
  • Tasty
  • Con's
  • Indica Dominant
  • Very High THC
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THC Bomb Review

THC Bomb Review

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THC Bomb was the first signature strain by Bomb Seeds, and to many around the world it is still the best. Firmly cementing itself as a modern classic, this Dutch wonder is so popular it can be easily found in most parts of the cannabis consuming world.

Known as a fantastic all-rounder that seems to excel in every area, THC Bomb performs on all fronts whether it is in yield, high, taste, or speed of flowering. Obtaining a strain with such strength, vigour and ease of growth is a joy for smokers and growers at any level of experience, meaning THC Bomb has something to offer everybody.


THC Bomb

Bomb Seeds certainly weren’t misleading anyone when they named THC Bomb. With THC levels of around 20-25%, this strain packs enough punch to be used either as a solid recreational high or an endurance test depending on how brave you are.

This is no simple comatose high, however, and the hybrid genetics of THC Bomb that give its 65% indica and 35% sativa makeup offer a multifaceted effect that can be appreciated as much as enjoyed. Naturally the indica side of the smoking experience is more prominent, with the initial smoke giving an immediate and heavy effect. The resulting full-body stone will have you searching for the closest comfy sofa while the sativa high keeps you mentally alert and inquisitive.

This makes THC Bomb especially fun to pair with a good record or film that you can just sink into. Consequently, the strain ends up providing a great all-round buzzing stone that is as impressive and emotionally uplifting as it is powerful. Put the evening aside for this one, because you won’t be going anywhere.

THC Bomb can also be used for medicinal purposes, with its functions including stress relief, alleviation of insomnia, and encouraging appetite. It may also help with PMS and anxiety for some people.


This is one strain that commercial growers will be keeping an eye on, with its heavy yields and high strength making THC Bomb very much in demand. These are no above-average harvests either, as the strain frequently yields up to 650g per m2, and even at their lower end offer around 550g per m2. Outdoor cultivators especially can expect a bountiful harvest provided the plant is kept happy and exposed to the warm and sunshine.


THC Bomb

THC Bomb packs a lot of flowering into its diminutive frame, reaching only 65-90cm which makes it great for tight indoor growing spaces or discreet outdoor cultivation. This is not a demanding strain either, and even inexperienced growers can get good results from THC Bomb’s toughness and productivity.

Indoor growers will see their plant responding well to the Sea of Green (SoG) growing method and it can be cultivated in either a soil or hydroponic setup. Flowering will occur in seven to nine weeks, producing their regular and robust purple-tinted harvests.

Outdoors THC Bomb can fare well too, producing yields that generally exceed those grown indoors and may even sport a greater THC level when exposed to the fresh air. If you decide to do so then your trichome-laden harvest should be ready in late September or early October.


For all its strength and heavy yields, THC Bomb does not slack when it comes to providing flavour either. The strain has a rich primary skunky taste with a notable earthiness to it. Hiding away behind this is a sour note that adds complexity and a satisfying finish to the experience.

Bag Appeal

THC Bomb

THC Bomb has the kind of bud you’d expect of such a highly regarded strain – dense, hard, and as large as small rocks. These are equally as satisfying to handle as they are to smoke, providing a tactile joy that makes the experience that much more pleasurable.

To add yet more visual appeal they have an even surface covering of bright orange flecks that stand out vividly from the green. Along with this is the kind of thick frosty white trichome covering that matches the colossal THC levels that this strain packs.

THC Bomb rounds off its first impressions with an earthy and skunky scent that closely matches its taste. This is joined by a distinct collection of ripe fruit notes too, adding a sharp yet sweet finish to the scent of the strain.

Little more needs to be said for THC Bomb as its reputation speaks for itself. This vivid hybrid offers the indica calm, the sativa stimulation, the easy growth, top yields and rich taste that only the most particular smokers will be able to find fault with.

Sporting the kind of tough genetics that can see rich harvests emerge with even minimal effort, THC Bomb is ideal for growing both for personal or commercial use. So if you’re considering growing a plant for the first time and don’t know where to start, you really can’t go wrong with THC Bomb.

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