Trans Siberian

  • Our Score 5.0/5
Trans Siberian Marijuana Strain

Auto Seeds have proven that autoflowering does not have to mean lacklustre and have adeptly crafted Trans Siberian to be one personality-packed miniature monster. Coming about from a mix of the original White Russian and Auto Seeds’ very own legendary Auto #1, Trans Siberian walks the walk and has the genetic CV to back it up too.

  • Strength 20%
  • Stone Stone
  • Speed 65-70 Days
  • Height 30cm - 80cm
  • Yield 300g-400g/m2
  • Harvest September

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Potent
  • Good for insomnia
  • Decent Yields
  • Con's
  • Strong Stone
  • Longer Flowering Time
  • Skunk Base

Trans Siberian Review

Trans Siberian Review

The Siberian hinterlands are a vast and unforgiving place, and it is only right that a strain with a name connected to these vast tundras should be equally powerful. Named not directly after these lands, however, but rather the legendary train route that traverses it, Trans Siberian is one locomotive-strength strain of the highest order, known for being one of the most powerful autoflowering options out there.


Trans Siberian marijuana seeds

When we say this is one powerful autoflowering strain it is no exaggeration, with Trans Siberian’s THC levels often measuring in excess of 20%. This may have given the strain its notoriety but it is the quality of these muscular effects that have kept Trans Siberian in the minds and baggies of weed connoisseurs everywhere.

Its high encapsulates the best of what indica and sativa have to offer, keeping fans of both happy whilst the interplay between these two sides makes for a fresh experience. As is common with hybrid strains the indica effect is felt first, settling your body into a state of relaxation as the rich stone descends. This acts in an almost sedative manner, sitting heavily as the sativa side becomes more apparent with its mood-enhancing cerebral buzz. Smoke up enough and you may even experience the visual hallucinatory effects that are commonly reported from Trans Siberian.

These razor-sharp recreational properties also make it a formidable medical strain. It addresses the usual suspects of pain relief and appetite loss, and is especially effective at dealing with insomnia thanks to its strong indica component. The high-level THC content also means that the effects of Trans Siberian will last for hours, making this a great strain to accompany an evening of pain-free relaxation that ends with a deep and peaceful sleep.


Whether it is grown indoors or outside, Trans Siberian will not disappoint with its yields. Caring for this strain adequately will net you a harvest that is in the medium to high levels for a plant of this size and nature.


Trans Siberian marijuana seeds

By this stage it may sound like Trans Siberian is promising it all, and we all remember what we were taught about some things being too good to be true. Well no apologies need to be made here as Trans Siberian casually throws this old adage out by offering not just a stellar high and fat yields, but also promises an easy and headache-free growing experience.

Finishing fast in only 65-75 days and sticking to a miniscule 30-80cm, Trans Siberian offers the ideal growing profile for those wishing to keep their THC-laced hobby quiet. It doesn’t even expect much attention and will happily thrive with minimum upkeep. Its autoflowering nature further adds to this ease of growth, with no adjustments to your light cycles needed to get it flowering.

Growing the strain outdoors will also show you just what it’s made of, enduring cooler climates with ease as long as it gets both sunlight and a little shelter from the elements. It carries its stealthy credentials even into an outdoor environment too, staying small enough to avoid any nearby wandering eyes. Those who are looking to grow outside can expect their harvests anytime between July through to October.

This combination of factors makes Trans Siberian the ideal strain for a first time grower, resulting in a very satisfying project that amply rewards even the most modest efforts with plenty of rich bud.


Trans Siberian marijuana seeds

For all its hybrid genetics, Trans Siberian adopts a typically indica taste that combines the skunky fuel notes of its White Russian parent with a spicy hash-like element. This is a strong flavour and may be a somewhat acquired taste, but once you have caught the bug you will positively salivate at the prospect of a freshly ground batch of cured Trans Siberian being sprinkled into a blunt.

Bag Appeal

Much like the flavour, the scent of Trans Siberian is unmistakeably indica in nature. The skunky pungency is all very present in the scent too, along with the hint of fuel that rewards the more sensitive noses out there. The hash notes are also here, advertising the goods before you’ve even got your hands on it.

The final thing that should be mentioned about Trans Siberian is the gorgeous appearance of its nugs. The name of the strain was not simply an allusion to its White Russian parent, but also to the colour of the snowy wastelands through which the eponymous train travels, bearing an almost incandescent coat of white trichomes that are flecked with the orange hairs that protrude from beneath.

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