Killer Purps

Anyone who spent part of their youth collecting anything whatsoever will know the excitement that comes with getting your hands on a freakishly rare specimen. Now weed fanatics can experience that same buzz via their favourite herb with Killer Purps, a strain so named because of the rare purple phenotype of Buzz Bomb that makes up half of its genetics and gives the strain its distinctive purple hue. It’s second parent is the Cannabis Cup winning Sour Diesel, making Killer Purps a sativa dominant treat that is both easy on the eyes and the mind.

Upon being announced it was clear that there was big demand for Killer Psturps, and time has seen the popularity of the strain remain as robust as ever. So whether you’re drawn to the strain by its stellar high, unforgettable flavour or visual appeal, you’re sure to have your expectations exceeded by this purple wonder.


Killer Purps marijuana seeds

With a THC level that runs at a formidable 19-21%, Killer Purps boasts the kind of high that has both quality and strength. As a sativa dominant strain the effects of the smoke are largely cerebral, though the bodily element cannot be overlooked either. The more experienced smokers especially will find plenty to love here, and it has even gained itself the reputation of being somewhat of a connoisseur’s strain.
Once smoked the effects come on nearly instantly but very steadily, beginning with a cerebral component that allows you to remain comfortable as it gains momentum before levelling out to a very pleasant head high. This brings with it a palpable uplift in mood that some even call euphoric, banishing the day’s worries with ease.

Following this is the physical part of the experience, where a warm thick stone descends over your whole body in a relaxing haze. This is not overbearing enough to root you to your seat and stop you getting things done, but is powerful enough to comfort you and cause some serious unwinding to occur. Because of this the strain is commonly used sparingly while there’s still sunlight as an enjoyable yet functional boost in the day, or at night to allow those bodily effects to lull you off to sleep.

These high quality effects are enjoyed for their ability to keep you functional and it is these same properties that make it effective for certain medicinal uses. Killer Purps is best known medically for its assistance in treating certain emotional difficulties, though that does not discount it from potentially assisting with a broad range of other problems too.


Killer Purps can provide a very solid 400-450g per m2 of its high-grade bud in a good setup. This may seem like a good amount, but one taste of the strain will have you wishing you had even more in reserve.


Killer Purps marijuana seeds

Due to the sativa dominance of the strain, Killer Purps generally exhibits a rather tall profile, growing to 90-140cm. In true sativa fashion the plant will grow at its own pace and will go from flower to seed at a very casual 10-11 weeks. If you wish to grow the plant indoors then be aware of how strong its odour is, as while you may not mind sharing your home with a smelly sativa plant you will likely find other people less tolerant of the scent you will carry with you. For this reason we recommend good ventilation systems to be put in place before your Killer Purp plant begins flowering.

Apart from that the plant does not demand too much space and low-stress training can be used to discourage your Killer Purp from taking up too much space. Those less experienced growers who are put off by this need not worry, however, as the strain is very forgiving of newbie errors and grows quite robustly. You may even consider growing the strain outdoors, but its strong skunky odour, size, and eye-catching purple hue makes it rather inappropriate for an open-air stealth grow. Those who decide to do so regardless can expect their harvest in late October if they live in the northern hemisphere.


Despite what taste you may have come to expect with a purple sheen in your cannabis plant, Killer Purps is actually a rather citrusy strain with the sweetness in there being more of an accompaniment than the main event. There is also a tanginess in here too, which overall gives the distinct impression that Killer Purps took most of its flavour from its Sour Diesel parent.

Bag Appeal

Killer Purps marijuana seeds

That strong skunky scent that again comes from the strain’s Sour Diesel parent is just as pungently noticeable as in the growing phase, which is definitely an advantage for those unable to get enough of that rich skunk smell.
In terms of the buds’ appearance that tell-tale purple shade is richly prevalent throughout, all full of thick resin that will render your scissors gummed up and useless within mere moments of snipping.

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