Wedding Cake

  • Our Score 4.3/5
wedding Cake marijuana strain

Wedding Cake by Big Head Seeds is actually a member of the Cookies family.  Its immediate parents are believed to be Triangle Mints and Animal Mints. Big Head Seeds has advised that this cannabis strain is Indica dominant although not to what extent, based on genetics and effects, we think it’s likely to be about 60% Indica. 

  • Strength High
  • Stone Relaxing/Happy
  • Speed 8-10 Weeks
  • Height Medium
  • Yield 450gr/m²
  • Harvest Late September

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • High THC
  • Resilient
  • Flexible Strain
  • Con's
  • Late Outdoor Harvest
  • Similar to Many Other cookie Strains
  • Smaller Plants Deliver as much yield/THC

Wedding Cake

wedding Cake Review


As you’d expect from a Cookies strain, Wedding Cake has a whole lot of THC, around 20% to 25% to be precise.  This delivers all the fast-acting pain relief you need for severe pain, such as migraines, but the high may be a bit different to what you might think from the headline figures.

The balance of genetics means that the high-energy, head-rush typical of Sativas, isdamped down into a more Zen-like joy although it can still be very inspirational.  This head high will mellow into a full-body stone, which, similarly, will be a bit lighter than you’d expect from an Indica dominant strain. While you still get all the warmth, relaxation and comfort typical of a quality Indica, the overall experience will be a bit lighter.  This makes Wedding Cake a very flexible strain, which can be used day or night. As always, please make sure to allow yourself sufficient recovery time before undertaking hazardous activities such as driving.


Big Head Seeds hasn’t released any official figures regarding what you can expect from Wedding Cake in terms of height or yield, however, given what we know of its genetic background and the advertised growth rate, we’d expect it to have a growth range of about 1.5M (indoor minimum) to 2M (outdoor maximum).  We’d also expect indoor yields to be up to about 450g/m2 and outdoor yields up to about 450g per marijuana plant. Cookies strains are known to be amenable to plant training so we’d expect it to be feasible to keep its height down if need be.

As always with Indica dominants, growers will need to remember to leave enough space for their plants to grow outwards without getting entangled with each other. Not only is this a prerequisite for good ventilation (which is vital to prevent mould), but it also makes it more difficult for a single marijuana plant to infect an entire growing space if it comes under attack from mould, diseases or pests.

Good ventilation also helps with odour control, although it’s unlikely to be enough on its own, unless you’re only growing one or two plants in a large space. For everybody else, air filters are highly recommended (and if you’re growing outdoors, think of your neighbours).


Big Head Seeds has confirmed that Wedding Cake needs 8 to 10 weeks of indoor flowering time and although they haven’t confirmed an outdoor harvest, it would seem reasonable to assume late September to mid October.

Wedding Cake is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing, but, like most medical cannabis strains, it definitely prefers a warm, dry, sunny environment. This means that true outdoor growing is probably best left to those living in the Mediterranean basin. Growers towards the northern end of continental Europe might want to give serious thought to greenhouse growing since this will allow them to harness the power of the sun (instead of running grow lights) while giving their plants a reasonable degree of protection.

Although this strain does need to be sheltered from the elements, on the whole, it’s one fairly tough marijuana plant. Even though it’s several degrees removed from its original GSC ancestry, it’s still a member of the Cookies family, which means it has very robust landrace genetics in its background and these genetics have been reinforced regularly by adding the likes of Kush into the mix (which also helps to keep its height down).


Although Wedding Cake has classic Cookies ancestry, it doesn’t have the typical Cookies taste.  This marijuana strain is much more fruity sweet and, in particular, berry sweet, than the likes of GSC and has a very rich, smooth, creamy base line.  The aroma is also very fruity although the creaminess means it is lush rather than fresh.

Bag Appeal

Wedding Cake has quite dark foliage and has a lot of orange hairs, which are set offby the sparkle of the white trichomes.  Nugs are dense and, of course, all that THC makes them very sticky, so you’re going to need a grinder to get them open. Once you do, you can breathe in that lovely fragrance.

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