White Rhino

white rhino
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Indica-dominant (80%) White Rhino is a cross between the classic White Widow and a North American Indica. The strain always seems to find itself in second place when it comes to awards, but far from being endangered, it is actually hugely popular with growers and users alike.

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Growers love White Rhino for the fact that it is undemanding and compact and yet produces yields of up to 900g/sm indoors or 1200g/p outdoors.  Added to this, the strain is known for its potency.  Hence it is an excellent choice for medical users who are looking for maximum pain relief in a minimum of growing space.

The name White Rhino actually refers to the plant’s shape, which is supposed to resemble a rhino’s horn, but it could also describe the effect, so anyone new to the strain is well advised to start slowly, literally a few puffs at a time, as it can take a few moments before the effect is felt, but when it is users will be fully aware of the fact.  Insomnia and chronic pain will be banished and the high THC content means that it can also be useful for emotional conditions such as anxiety and depression.  The taste is earthy, woody and pungent.

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