X Haze

  • Our Score 4.8/5

X Haze is a potent sativa hybrid with a pleasantly relaxing yet uplifting strain.

  • Strength 19-22%
  • Stone Relaxing
  • Speed 10-12 Weeks
  • Height 160-220cm
  • Yield 450g-500g/m2
  • Harvest October

Our Verdict

  • Pro's
  • Potent
  • Decent Yields
  • Rich Lemon Taste
  • Con's
  • Tall
  • Longer Flowering Time
  • Odour Control

X Haze Review

X Haze


X Haze cannabis seeds

In theory, the THC content of X Haze can vary from a moderate 15% to a highly potent 25%. In practice, you’re typically looking at about 19% to 22% THC. Interestingly, even though X Haze are only just Sativa dominant (60%), the effect of X Haze is classic, old-school Sativa. It’s soaring and intense, but also clean, crisp and refreshing. The 40% Indica genetics in X Haze do not actually add that much in the way of CBD. This means that instead of going into a full, deep stone, your high will transition into a general feeling of deep peace and contentment. Overall, X Haze is generally best kept for day time use. It makes a great “wake and bake” strain and is also a popular choice for issues with concentration as well as for general pain relief.


X Haze provides decent yields. Indoors you could collect up to 450g/m2. Outdoors you could harvest up to 500g of bud from each of your X Haze marijuana plants. It has to be acknowledged that there are modern strains available which can provide the same sort of yields, while being both shorter and quicker. But X Haze scores on taste and the quality and characteristics of the high it produces.


X Haze marijuana seeds

It is known that X Haze can be grown indoors or outdoors in a warm, dry and sunny climate, which, in Europe, means the Mediterranean basin. Indoors, it needs about 9 to 11 weeks of flowering time. Outdoors, you’ll be harvesting around the start of October. That’s on the longer side for many of today’s strains, but is quite reasonable for a Haze. It’s also known that X Haze tends to grow within a range of about 1.5M indoor minimum to 1.8M outdoor maximum. With little information about the genetics, our guess is that X Haze is a cross between Lemon Haze, or one of its close relatives and a kush strain.

X Haze certainly grows in much the same style as Lemon Haze and indeed sativa’s in general. It’s a tall, slender, tree-like plant, rather than a compact Indica bush. This makes it a great candidate for plant training. Which can help to keep its height down and/or increase its yields. Where the Indica genetics do make themselves evident is in the buds. These are denser than you would expect from a Sativa. But they still have that lovely coating of THC-filled trichomes, which make your grow room glitter so invitingly.

X Haze is an undemanding strain to manage. We’ve classed it as moderately difficult mainly because it’s a photo on the taller side and has a longer than average grow time for a modern strain.

Growing X Haze successfully seems to be a case of remembering your marijuana basics, especially ventilation. This is particularly important when you are dealing with strains which have dense buds, as these hold moisture, and can become vulnerable to mould. You therefore need to make sure that you space your plants far enough apart from each other, to allow for good air flow.


The best way we can describe the taste is like a spiced lemon dessert. The spices being a mixture of Haze pepperiness and hash richness. The aroma is mostly lemon, but also has a clear hint of spices to it.

Bag Appeal

X Haze is a strain with a lot of sparkle, thanks to its covering of glittering white trichomes. In addition to these crystals, it also has bright green nugs with plenty of orange hairs. Once you open the bag and start grinding the nugs, you’ll be able to enjoy that rich, spicy lemon scent as well.

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